Ramon Resurreccion aka NME has over 14 years of experience as a disc jockey. Born and raised in the diverse NYC culture, Ramon's career has revolved around the dance floor. He discovered his love for music and took his skills to the clubs at the age of 16. His open format of music delivers high energy and a well rounded sense of an ecliptic selection of the lastest top 40, electro, 80's, hip-hop & reggae. This deejay sets a presence on the dance floor with his creativity, knowledge of different genres and crowd-reading ability

    DJ Toke1 grew up in Jersey City, NJ in the late 80s and early 90s. Like many that grew up in that era hiphop and hip hop culture shaped the person he would become. His sound was heavily influenced by iconic DJs like DJ Red Alert, FunkMaster Flex, and Peter Rock & Marley Marl . DJ Toke1 found a love for music and gravitated toward the energy of the B-Boy Scene(breakdancing). Here he learned about the breaks, funk, and soul music. 

    At 19 he joined the Marine Corps and being away from everything he knew.  He needed music in his life, he started DJing and throwing parties wherever he went, eventually getting into the club scenes wherever he was stationed: Okinawa, Iwakuni, Hiroshima, Raleigh, & Pensacola to name a few. 

    In present day he is one of the most passionate DJs in NYC and NJ nightlife scene. His open format style incorporates all genres and eras, and plays for a wide spectrum of crowds. He continues to master his craft and refuses to be anything but the best version of himself, so that you can have the best time at the event your planning.