Calling ALL Real DJs, Turntablists, Controllerists, & Party Rockers

Chip Stare


In 2016, Ahhyeah started a weekly event to give local DJs an outlet for creativity. Every Wednesday they would gather in Jersey City and 9 DJs would battle it out for the chance to return at the end of the month. Weekday Warriors was born! Competition increased greatly as did the complexity of the DJ sets. Our DJs take the audience on a journey through music , crossing genres and decades.

Starting Feb 05th DJs from all over the East Coast can enter the competition with a submission of a 2- 5 minute performance video. In Late March the participants of the Qualifiers will be announced and from April through July events will be taking placein NYC , NJ , & Philidelphia. The winners of these events(top 2 from each competition),  will then make their way to NJ for and to participate in this year’s  Finals.


How long is a set ?
Sets should be 10 mins  long. 
How are sets judged?
Sets are judged on Creativity, Technical ability, Originality, and Crowd response.
You can score 1-5 points per judge in 4 Categories.
Can I choose which battle I want to enter and can I enter multiple battles?
YES! However multiple entry fees will be required.
What equipment do you provide?
Equipment we provide :
Technic 1200 turntables
Pioneer S9 
What to bring :Laptop, needles, headphones, any other midi control you need/want, and Skils!
Can I bring a controller? You can bring what ever you need to play that we do not provide.


Crowd Reaction
How into the set is the crowd are they bobbing their heads are they are they Ooo- ing, dancing ect..)
Technical ability 
This is scratching BUT also mixing blending how clean you are3. Originality 
Things like Wordplay & Toneplay. Did you pick tracks that are typical or did you put your own flair and go digging ?4.
Track Selection 
This is about variety, did you do an all Urban set ? Or did you blur the lines of Genre and create ?

Sorry Entry is closed for 2018.

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