DJ Marvl Wins First Ever Weekday Warrior Throwdown!

DJ Marvl Wins First Ever Weekday Warrior Throwdown!

Port-o Lounge Downtown Jersey City

     Wednesday the first ever Weekday Warriors event kicked off to a great start! The event was the launch of this style of friendly competition; meant to bring the community of DJs together, allow DJs to network and add a little competitive flair. If a promoter had to pay for all the talent in the room it would be one hell of a bill. Nine of New Jersey and New York's finest DJs spun 15 minute sets filled with music that ranged from classic rock, funk, and DJs putting their own personal creative twist on songs from Disney's Frozen( no one saw that coming , and it was DOPE).  

    The competitors are Judged by invited guests and the hosts on 3 areas:

  • Song selection
  • Technical Ability
  • Originality

    The score determines the top 3 , then its up to the crowd. People have asked me "Why the crowd why not just use judges who are qualified?" , my response is a DJ at our core, our main function is to make people happy, entertain, and partyrock. If you get up here and scratch non-stop for 15 minutes, a lot  of people will listen and see your skill but you can't rock a party that way. These nights are meant to motivate and engage DJs who are too afraid of something like a DMC.

     Wednesday there was such a dope vibe in the room, with a super creative air. Scratching , wordplays, tone plays, & live drumming these DJs were showing off  a lot of the skills a normal night of playing clubs with very restrictive formats wouldn't allow. Some of NYC and NJs most respected in the community were in attendance; DJ Latin Prince & Eloy Garcia of DJ City, DJ FNF and DJ Ollie of SkatcherNJ, DJ Sertifyee, & DJ Ton-e to name a few.

Of the 9 DJs that competed 3 stood out on top:

  1. Marvl -Winner of a prize pack worth over $100
  2. Marty Rock  
  3. DJ AC

  Each of the top 3 will be invited back on the 31st to compete for August Champ and a larger prize. All other DJs are encouraged to come out compete August 17th and 24th for your shot at being the first monthly Weekday Warrior champ!

    The night was also meant to help a fellow DJ and his little girl battling severe chronic neutropenia , meaning her body has a low white blood cell count and she is in and out of the emergency room almost bi-weekly. With the help of the event we have currently raise over $9,500 and are very close to our 10k goal. You can still donate here:  #SaveSuperZoe .

Lastly we would like to thank all the DJs that came out and did your thing ! Can't wait to see you next week!





August 13, 2016