DJ QBert's new Mixer is on a New Level

DJ QBert's new Mixer is on a New Level

     We've all been there, or seen the meme's. "Serato Face" the problem is real having the laptop in between you and the crowd creates a literal divide. On lookers can think your checking your email, they don't know any better. A DJ I visited once, and I use the term DJ loosely was actually checking his email, while playing a pre-mix; though amount of turns my stomach did watching that.  Which brings us to QBert and Intel' s project, the mixer with the onboard computer, "The Invader". The idea to return to when you didn't have to worry about a laptop.

    This is a Traktor project for now, sorry Serato users. the mixer itself(well at least the prototype) has a screen , cue point buttons, some knobs as well as HDMI out. Now the engineer in me "LOVES" this ,innovation pushing the limits of what we can do, minimizing setup; however the DJ in my has some skepticism and questions. How do I get my music on to it are we downloading to our laptop and transferring to the Invader?  Library management , ease of use and visibility of those tiny track titles in the photos all give me a bad feeling on overall usability.

    That being said I can't wait to play with one in person when their finished with it , look for the full review here when we can get our grimy paws on one.

All this is based on the article Engadget released link below.


The "Invader" prototype
Tiny Library
QBert putting The Invader to the test



August 17, 2016