Here Are the 9 Competitors for NYC

Here Are the 9 Competitors for NYC

APRIL 22 , New York City

Top 9 Submissions for NYC Qualifier


Twist hails from Baku, Azerbaijan but just moved to Brooklyn and wants the Title


Nate Rioz

Repping the Bay area coming out to take th NY Championship title


Nate C the Chief

Hailing from South Carolina looking to take the "W"


Mad One

Hailing from Cali coming to the east to get busy



Hailing from Jersey We saw Fiinest grow last year and he's coming back ready.


A1 Supreme

Our only NY DJ in the NYC Qualifier


DJ Lexx

From Jersey City Lexx's party rock style earned him a spot in the Quarterfinals last year


DJ Sanchez

Sanchez was last years Vice Champ he seems ready to go all the way this year.



Pumma is the first female to enter the Amplify battle this year shes looking to take the crown for NYC


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March 5, 2018